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Nursing. Tattoo. Showing you off.

Wow. This morning, I thought Mom was about to lose it.. No, scratch that, she _DID_ lose it. Pumping is getting old. Really old. But, you're currently too small to put directly onto the breast with much success...

...at least, that's what we thought. We met with Olga the Lactation Consultant totay. She helped Mom figure out how to put you to brest successfully, and you actually took 40ml today! That's about 2/3 of a feeding. This is such fantastic news. :)

We tried again at home for the next feeding, but you were a bit too hungry, and therefore not quite patient enough. You're still new at this, so super hungry is not a good way to start a session. We ended up bottle feeding you. But, you latched for a bit and got a bit of milk, so that's a good start. Right now, you're sleeping, so Mom is pumping to make sure her suply stays up. I'll try to encourage her to nurse you directly tonight and tomorrow.

This is important to us. Ask Dr. Google about the benefits of natural breast milk over formula (short version: They are many). Granted, we could keep pumping and bottle feeding, but that is a LOT of work that is not very feasible when I go back to work, which happens next week. So we really want to get you onto the breast by next Monday to make things easier.

I came up with the tattoo design I want to use for your band. It's a Z stylized into a Celtic Knot-ish thing. Hopefully, by the time you read this, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about already. I have a bit more work to do on the wedding ring design before its ready to be turned into a tattoo, but once I have both ready to go, I'm going to go get them. For the sake of pete, your NANA was the first one to get a tattoo in our family. Then, aunt Jennie got the next one. Granddad, Kathy and I are the only hold-outs at this point. I think Kathy can be counted on to _NEVER_ get one, and Granddad is too old to care at this point, so I'm all that's left. :)

Showing you off:
We saw Kathy Tuck, the Doula that helped Momma and me through the delivery. She really did keep our sanity. It was good to see her today and to show you off to her. We also stopped by Momma's office and the office of my old company (True Credit; I still have a lot of friends there, and I spent the entire 2 years _TRYING_ to get pregnant working there, and talking to certain people there about it.) Everyone agrees: You're really cute. :)

I love you, baby girl. Time to change your diaper and feed you, then go to bed.


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