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Working again!

I have taken a 20% day today. I'm going to work on puffer, the new chiba.halibut.com replacement. Chiba is over 9 years old now and _REALLY_ needs to be upgraded. I've installed a CentOS v5.2 system about a year ago (maybe more). I'm bringing it up to v5.3 now and will start migrating services from chiba to it. I certainly won't _FINISH_ today, but I think I can make some good progress and move certain services that have their own hostnames over today.

The plan:
- Upgrade the OS (in progress)
- Copy DNS data over. Should be pretty quick and easy. (*)
- Configure chiba to update puffer when changes are made.
- Setup puffer with the ns1.halibut.com role
- Copy httpd configs over. There is a fair bit of clean-up I want to do here, break virtual hosts into their own config files, etc.
- Setup Movable Type on new system. If possible, migrate blogs.halibut.com to puffer today. Involves migration of a few other domains too: 3guys12songs.com, blackmoondog.com, jlm.us (I think; confirm this)

(*) I'm considering switching back to Bind. I really like DJBDNS, but DNSSec is _FINALLY_ being deployed by the root servers and I would like to support it someday, and DJBDNS won't do that for me. Bind used to be Teh Suck(tm), but Bind 9 seems to have gotten a hell of a lot better. *sigh* Dunno if this will happen now.

I think that's more than enough to keep me busy today. Now, to get to work.


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