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Status 2009-07-23: Prepping for DefCon, Releasing Codename: Curious George

I've put my Seebeck Clock project on-hold for the time being while I get prepped for the hardware demo I'm giving at DefCon in a bit over a week for Project: Codename Curious George.

I _WAS_ planning on bringing a small ITX system with dual Ethernets for the monitoring device, but honestly I _REALLY_ don't feel like lugging along a full sized system, monitor and keyboard to DefCon. I'd really rather just use a laptop with a second Ethernet port, but the only PCMCIA Ethernet card I have doesn't appear to be working. I've put my feelers out looking for loaner cards, so we'll see if that pans out. (While writing this post, I've already gotten two people who think they can help me, so that's good.)

As a "just in case," I'm going ahead and setting up a diskless system on a CF card to send with coworkers who are driving to DefCon (I'm flying out a lot earlier for BlackHat.)

So, yeah. Project: Codename Curious George. I'm just shy of a week away from giving my SkyTalk at DefCon on the subject, and lets be honest, this is probably the last time I'll post here before then. I think it's about time to let this Monkey out of the bag.

The real name of the project is EtherSniff. The codename came from this image:

In short, it's a method for passively sniffing the traffic of an established Ethernet network link. Picture there's an Ethernet cable running through the drop ceiling above your desk, or along the wall near by, any place you have physical access to it that won't be noticed. Let's say you wanted to monitor the traffic going through that link for some reason (white-hat reason, I'm sure...) I've figured out how to do that without being noticed.

Here are the slides for my talk at DefCon that provide a lot more detail.

I'll do my best to post next Saturday (August 1st, not July 25) and report on how the talk went. But between now and then, I'm likely to be quiet here as I'll be at BlackHat learning how to break into Xen systems!

Oh. It's not a _TECH_ project perse, but over at my other blog, I've made a new batch of root beer. It doesn't scratch the same itch as my tech projects, so it doesn't qualify as a 20% time project, but I thought you might be interested anyway.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading! -Mark

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