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Strawberry Fields, For A While...

OK, maybe not really *fields* per se...

I got it into my noggin that I wanted to plant strawberries so today we went by the hardware store to pick some up and get the cedar fence planks to build my veggie beds (since they were on sale). We arrived to find the parking lot packed to the gills. It turns out that on top of the beautiful weather, everything in the garden department was 20% off today only. Doom was at hand.

We came home with the 16 1"x8"x6' cedar fence boards, hardware cloth (to lay across the bottom to keep the gophers out), 2 6 packs of strawberry plants (Sequoia and Eversweet), probably a dozen or more packets of seeds, 3 terracotta pots, a post hole digger, and a few other odds & ends. Later in the day I went back to the store to ask the garden folk if the odd coloration I was seeing in my potting soil meant that I should replace it (thankfully, she said it should be fine and that sometimes that can come from part of the mix not getting completely composted). I left with a box of citrus tree food, 2 tomato plants, a yellow bell pepper plant, a yellow crookneck squash plant, and a zucchini plant.

I did finally get back to the strawberries. When we moved into this house, there were several abandoned strawberry pots in the backyard. At some point, I emptied out a couple and thankfully one was empty and relatively free of squatting bugs (tho I did have to forcibly evict a couple of snails) so I loaded it on to my hand truck and took it out to the front yard. It turned out that the pot had 12 planting pockets, one for each of my newly acquired strawberry plants. Woot! I filled the pot with a mix of potting soil and sand and placed the berry plants in their cozy new homes. The top is kinda bare so there may be more strawberry plants in my future. Hopefully, I can defend the plants against snails/slugs and birds long enough to actually get some berries. Only time will tell!

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