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Weekly Roundup

This has been an interesting week...

It started by having a middle-aged Korean man fill my uterus with dye and will end with me driving home from Hanford with a styrofoam cooler filled with dry ice and ice cream.

Bright and early Monday morning, I went in for a hysterosalpinogram (I've seen about half a dozen different spellings for this word... That's probably why all the medical folks just call it "HSG".) The test consists of assuming The Position, as most ladies do on a yearly basis, and having a solution containing idodine pumped into the uterus to see if it spills out the fallopian tubes. This is watched with a fluoroscope (x-ray).

It is a little disconcerting to see the radiologist and his assistant putting on the lead aprons to cover their reproductive organs while mine were covered only with a hospital gown and a sheet. On the plus side, my tubes spilled the contrast into my abdominal cavity just like they were supposed to and we found no evidence of any alien mining operations in my uterus. Whew! That was a relief.

Dr. Google told me that the test could cause cramping and that it was a good idea to take painkillers ahead of time. I took two acetaminophen about 30 minutes beforehand and it was well worth it. The test was really more uncomfortable than particularly painful but I'm sure that varies from person to person. I felt good enough that afternoon to go to my strength training class and make the rest of my body sore. :)

Tuesday I called for an update on the Prius wait. I'm now fifth on the list and should be getting my car some time this month. The guy told me that they get another allocation of cars on Monday and to call back after that to see if they have a delivery date for me. Wheeeeee!

There wasn't much noteworthy about Wednesday. Other than it being pay day. Which I can finally confirm after my credit union's online banking site was down for over 24hrs.

I skipped watching Lost in favor of, yep you guessed it, watching MORE SG-1! (It turns out this was a good call because Lost was a re-run.) I finished SG-1 season 7 (it took me 3 days, just like season 6). Damn the end of that season is a doozy! I expect that my interest will start fading once I catch up to the current broadcast episodes and no longer have full seasons in my hot little hands. Of course, now I'll be interleaving SG-1 with Stargate Atlantis (yes, I know I'm insane -- but I get a lot of knitting done!)

I got my tax docs Thursday. I think that was the last piece we need before being able to dive into doing our taxes.

Being Groundhog Day, we spent the evening watching the movie of the same name. I highly doubt we'll have 6 more weeks of winter because I don't think we've had more than *one* so far. 2005 was the warmest year on record, much to my displeasure. After last year's deluge, our rainfall has been a dribble except over New Year's when it decided to double our 4inch rainfall total in 72 hours.

Also, I ordered 4 more place settings of Cobalt Blue Fiestaware from Cooking.com. I'm glad I did because it was the last day for free shipping if you spent a certain amount. Since I pulled our old dishes out of the cupboard, we haven't been able to go more than 2 days without running out of plates. I might get another couple of settings later on when they're on sale again.

Today, I agreed to watch a friend's almost-8-month-old little man while she did a phone interview for a writing assignment. I was a little apprehensive after hearing how things had gone with him this week but he was in a really good mood today. We played on the floor, in his toy car, and went for a walk in the stroller. Every time he saw a truck drive by he would giggle. :) He's definitely a cutie, and tall! He looks nearly the same height as my one-year-old nephew.

Off to Hanford tomorrow to install Mom's birthday present (a dvd/cd burner) and see the progress on her kitchen remodel. I'll be bringing home The Best Ice Cream Ever for Mark's birthday next week. For the uninitiated, The Best Ice Cream Ever is Chocolate Chip from Superior Dairy. They still make all their ice cream in 10 gallon batches and they use liquid chocolate for the Chocolate Chip so it is permeated with little flakes of chocolatey goodness rather than chunks to break your teeth. I grew up on the stuff, as did my mother who often fondly recalls that a milkshake used to cost 15 cents (now they run about $4.50) and that my grandfather used to bring home ice cream for them after completing his milk delivery route.

That's about it for this week! Who knows what next week is gonna bring... :)

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