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Still Not King...

After waiting a week for an email response from our salesguy at Toyota, I called the dealership today. Unfortunately, he's no longer working there. It is a real bummer because we really liked him but not terribly surprising, as we've heard that dealership has a really high turnover rate.

In any case, I got an update on where we are on the Prius waiting list. We are #16 on the list and 6th in line for a package #1 (barebones, cheapest Prius you can get) in Seaside Pearl (blue). I had him go ahead and add the package #3 (adds on the Smart Key System, Rearview Backup Camera, and MP3 + front panel jack on the stereo) to our interest list in case there were fewer people waiting for that.

The person I spoke to is in charge of sending the orders to the factory and seemed to have a pretty good idea of when they expected to get batches of cars. His estimate is that we should have ours by the end of February. That's about 6.5 weeks! Simultaneously really soon and ages away!

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