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Crappy sleep, Day 6


Woke up in the middle of the night due to pesty dog again. Mark must have opened the door earlier because at 1:30am, Kira ran out to the backyard woofing (it was decidedly not a full on bark). When I heard her come back in, I got up and shut the screen. Then I had to find Luna and get her back to bed.

Around this time, my old cell phone started crying about low battery even tho I'd put it on the charger* (so I could pull any remaining numbers out of it today). Luna paced back and forth around the bed until I actually got up and went out to the living room to turn it off. As soon as we got back to the bedroom she went back to bed and didn't get up until the alarm went off at 6am.

Of course, by now I was very awake and laid in bed for an hour, got hungry and went out to the kitchen to eat the last 2 spoonfuls of B&J's and a glass of milk. Socrates, sensing that someone in the house had dairy products, came to the kitchen to beg. Then I kicked him on my way back to the bedroom because he was right under my feet and all the lights were off. At least I didn't fall over.

When I got back to bed, Mark was snoring like a buzzsaw and I was becoming increasingly agitated. I search fruitlessly for earplugs in my nightstand by touch and finally remembered that there should be some in my suitcase under the bed. I crawled down to the foot of the bed, pulled out the suitcase and felt around the pocket until I found the earplugs. Sweet Relief! I finally fell back asleep sometime after 3am and slept solidly until the alarm went off at 6:00.

There are some things that will not be new when/if we ever have a baby. 1) I already wake up when the dogs make noises in their crates or get up in the night (even though I try to ignore them and go back to sleep most of the time). 2) I rarely get to go to the bathroom alone. I've ususally got an entourage of 2 dogs and 1-2 cats. (I realize this could be prevented by closing the door, but Kira will actually scratch at the door or push it open if it isn't latched completely.)

* - It turns out that I put the darn phone on the charger but didn't actually check to see that the charger was plugged into the extension cord. Oy.

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