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Farmers Market

Last night was a bit rough, but not horrible. Just after I posted that things were getting better, you screamed until 2am last night. But, you then fell asleep until 3am, your next feeding. Mom, the saint that she is, took you after that. She managed to bring you to bed and sleep on the wedge until I about 8am; she fed you, then dumped you in my sleeping arms and had a morning, something she hasn't had in over 5 weeks.

When she dumped you in my arms, I layed you on the head of my body pillow and layed on my side snuggling you. Like this, we slept for another 3 hours. It was fantastic. Primarily because we've found another way that you'll sleep with us that allows us to sleep on our side.

Anyway. After all of us got up, fed you, got dressed, etc, we walked to Farmer's Market, then to Branch Street Deli and had lunch. The walk was really nice, and lunch was good. Then, after lunch, we decided to walk the long way home and go down to the end of Branch toward Bridge St, via Lightning Joe's and Ira's. I'm glad we did because we randomly ran into a couple that Mom met on her way to Kathy Tuck's Mom's group a few weeks ago. They recognized us and stopped us. I got to meet them. They're really nice people. Liz and Paul, and their son Grant. They were just leaving the hostpital with Grant when Mom first met them, so he's only a couple weeks younger than you. They're really nice people and would make for good play buddies. Unfortunately, none of us had anything to write with so we don't have their contact info. But we agreed to meet back at Farmer's Market next weekend. :)

We also introduced you to Ira. He coo'ed over you, like everyone does. We talked about bike seats. Looks like we've got a number of affordable options for when you're old enough, which should be this summer. The timing is going to work out nicely. Hopefully, we'll be able to stick to our plan of riding more often. Mom is losing a lot of weight (which was a limiting factor before), and we can all use the exercise. Until then, we'll go on as many walks as we can.

*content sigh*

Every day, you make a new face, or you grow some new defining characteristic, or some how become more beautiful than you were the day before. I'm not sure how you do it, but you do. It's really quite amazing. I am so thankful that you're happy and healthy. How did we get so lucky? Right now, you're sleeping in the sling on my chest listening to Mostly Classical with me. I couldn't possibly be happier. :)

I love you more than anything else in the world. You are, and always will be, my most beautiful Baby Zoe Girl.


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