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what is the sound of one hand typing?

i haven't been real good about updating this blog... i'll get better...

you'll note the poor grammer; i'm writing one handed right now on account of you're in the other. :) you'll forgive the occassional missed capitol letter or puncuation.

holy cow, you're getting HUGE! you're already 5lb 8oz, as of three days ago! i'm guessing you're up to 5.10 by now. you're plowing throough 2oz, 60ml, of breast milk at each feeding, and look like you could keep going if we let you. sometimes, if i think the hunger is keeping you awake at night, i do let you.

your lullaby works pretty well on you, even though i can't sing very well. at this stage, i don't think you much care. :) i'll sometimes come up with new verses, depending on whats happening at the time, but nothing has been compelling enough to write down (read:remember.)

you've been very busy lately. today is the first day you haven't gone out somewhere in quite awile. you've already made it to 3 f. mclintocks' (ag, slo and shell beach), mo's in pismo, mei's, jaffa cafe, and my office to show off. we're going to take you to mom's office and probably dr samply's office (our chiropractor with whom we're pretty close) next week. you're really gettin' around.

while you're out like that, you sleep most of the time, which makes going out easy, but makes the nights hard because you're not tired. we could have taken you to the store today, but i decided not to in hopes of getting a good night sleep tonight. we'll see how that goes.

today, while napping on the couch with you, i thought about the tattoo i want to get. i've known i want the design from our wedding rings as a band on my left arm for a long time now, ever since a bone spur in my ring finger made it very uncomfortable for me to wear my actual ring. but, i had the thought of working the letter Z into the design some how. i'm not sure if i'm going to be able to work it into the existing design very well, so i'm going to try making a new design with a Z in it and have a second band added. that way, if we do get another child, i can add a third band with their initial in it (probably an A for an adopted boy who we'd name Alex.) the more i think about this idea, the more i like it. :)

anyway. it's getting late. g'night, baby girl. i love you.

Baby Girl, verse 1:
conceived under a sapphire moon
born early, but none too soon

still trying to finish that verse.


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