Day 1: The Good, The Bad, And The Hungry.

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Good: I was in bed early enough last night (11pm) that I woke up (5am) a full hour before my alarm (6am).
Bad: I think I woke Cindy up. It was either me, or the dog licking, but I'm sure I didn't help.
Good: Getting my arse out of bed at 5am meant I was able to get to the pool by 6am.
Bad: Damn, I'm an idiot. Went in the wrong door, didn't bring underwear (was wearing my swim trunks under my pants) or a backpack or other means of carrying stuff, generally made an arse of myself asking questions and looking like a fool.
Good: Everyone at the pool was very kind and understanding of the old fat guy who's new here.
Very Good: I swam (a modified back stroke, so I didn't have to worry about the breathing issues yet) a whole 5 laps: 4 laps without stopping, a 2-ish minute break, then another lap during which my whole body got a little wobbly, so I stopped.  I wasn't paying exact attention to the clock, but the whole thing took about 30 minutes, so I figured I averaged about 5 minutes a lap.
Holy Shit Good: The website claims this is a 50m pool, meaning I swam (nearly) 500m this morning, 400m of which without a break.
Bad: I'm so deathly afraid of slamming my head into the concrete wall that I usually turn around at the flag line, which is probably 2 to 3m short of the whole pool.  Do that on both ends and it's more like a 45m pool.
Good: That means I also am not kicking off, which I won't be able to do in open water anyway.  Besides, 45m/span * 2span/lap * 5 laps is still 450m.  Google tells me that 450 meters is .28 miles, and that's without training up to it at all.

I just might be able to pull this thing off...

Bad: My whole body is like jello right now.  If you told me to jump on a bike and ride 10 miles, I'd tell you precisely into which of your orifices you could shove that bike.  If you then told me to follow that bike ride with a 2 mile run, I'd tell you which orientation to hold that bike while pushing.
Very Bad:  Granola and a cup of tea, a workout breakfast do not make.  I suspect I'll be hitting F. McLintocks for breakfast around 9 or 10am, assuming I make it that long.

So, I've still got a hell of a lot of work to go.  But the swim was my biggest scare, and this morning has proven to me that it might be more in reach than I thought.  This is good.  This makes me happy.  And a little wobbly.

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