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Too damn many things to do!

So, yeah. About that audio mixer project I was working on. Turns out, a friend of mine with whom I'm working on Vesuvius was selling his MaxNC 15OL CNC mill. So I bought it.

That took about $1200 of my $800 budget. No, that's not a type-o.

So I have precisely zero money left with which to buy parts and circuit boards for the audio mixer project. The good news is, the radio bits I need for Wildflower already work; they just don't mix in iPhone audio. So I'm in good shape for the hard requirements of the event.

BUT! As far as Vesuvius is concerned, I have a CNC Mill! So that's cool. I'll post more about the mill on the Vesuvius blog later tonight.

Tonight, I had another idea. I want to make a clock (big shock, 'eh?) that is just a couple stepper motors moving a whiteboard pen and eraser around drawing an analog clock. Though, strictly speaking, it could be made to draw a digital clock too. A servo would push the pen down, or lift it up and push the eraser down, or ride in the middle lifting them both up.

I have the micros, steppers, and servos. Just need the frame, threaded rods, and a few bearings. I think this could be done pretty easily and cheaply (read: with little to no budget.)

The real problem is, I've got SEVERAL other projects I should be working on, like a damn steam engine! *sigh*

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