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Status 2009-09-19, for reals this time.

Strictly speaking, today wasn't a 20% day, but since Cindy is itching to have some of this work done, I was able to spend a bit of time working on Koi today.

Some more research suggested I need to get a different driver installed for this chip set. Further research suggests that the driver that's being loaded is compiled into the kernel statically by RedHat, making it neigh on impossible to load another module in its stead. So I've just kicked off something akin to madness: I'm starting a CentOS kernel RPM compile, after hacking the config file to remove the "bad" driver and compile the "good" driver as a module... ...on an 800MHz C7... ...with a RAID array that's in PIO mode... Yeah, this is going to take a while...

So, I'll come back some time in 2011 with a status report. (In all seriousness, I suspect it'll still be going when I head to bed in (hopefully) not too long.)

While waiting for things to happen with Koi, I put together my Atom board, 1GB of RAM, a 20GB 2.5" laptop PATA drive (quiet and low power), and a DVD-ROM drive. This is likely to become my Boxee system. I can't find my XP install CD, so I installed CentOS on it as a proof of concept, to make sure the system works. This is the same system that was giving me fits with the SATA drives earlier. Still haven't figured that one out...

Anyway. Once I find my XP install, I'm going to put Boxee on it and hope its fast enough. I may try Ubuntu/Boxee in the mean time and just accept that I won't be able to watch Hulu or NetFlix.

Been keeping busy... :-) Go bears!

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I went round and round with the idea of something as a home entertainment server. Mac Mini w/EyeTV? Build a low power box w/MythTV? Move my Win Media Center into the living room?

In the end, I spent $200 on a refurb Tivo HD. Between my Mac and the ethernet-enabled Tivo, it's all there, no muss, no fuss.

Sometimes the appliance approach (with appropriate software hacks) is just a whole lot easier.


Absolutely. My problem is that I don't have cable or satellite, and don't really feel like signing up for it. I'm looking for alternatives that let me watch content legally from the net, which I already pay for.

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