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Status: 2009-06-20 - Project Code Name: Curious George

- Made a proof of concept for Project Code Name: Curious George. It works. :-D This gives me a) motivation to keep going, and b) confirmation that I won't be wasting my, and other peoples', time with this project.

- Wrote up an outline for the presentation I hope to give at DefCon this year on this project. Still a lot of work to be done, but the bulk of the written content is there.

- Sent a follow up email to @Niki7a, the gal who's coordinating the talks at DefCon, to see if my CFP submission is still under consideration. She stated they wanted to make decisions by June 1st, but I asked to be given until June 30th (the deadline for materials) to see if I could get a working hardware setup. I've not heard a "yes" or "no" on the talk yet, so I hope that means I'm still under consideration. We'll see.

- Sent image to friend to print up a custom T-Shirt for this sucker. It'll be way cool if it comes out. :-D

- Draw up diagrams of concepts and take pictures of hardware for the presentation.
- Move the presentation to some sort of a slide show format (Powerpoint, or the OpenOffice equivalent there-of.)
- Clean up the presentation. Sucker a few friends into sitting through it, then get comments and make changes as appropriate.

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