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Batch 17 - Write-up. Ginger Ale Batch 2.

Batch 17 was GOOOOOOD. The strange mouth feel of the wintergreen was totally gone, though I do miss the flavor. I'll have to find some way of getting a wintergreen flavor without using wintergreen oil.

It was in the office keggerator and disappeared in about 1.5 weeks. I only had a few glasses of it, but it came out good. Got good responses from folks at work too.

It's been too long; I don't have any specific notes on what to do differently next time. I'll see about making another batch and asking folks to comment on it directly.

Speaking of which, I did a 3 gallon batch of ginger ale for the annual holiday party for the Halibutians which was last night. This morning, I went to bottle the remainder and got about 1.5 22oz bottles out of it. Apparently people liked it.

I used the same recipe I did last time I made ginger ale and it came out about as good. If the speed with which it disappeared is any indication, other folks liked it too.

Again, no specific notes on the making of this batch. Followed the recipe pretty closely (though, probably had closer to 3.5oz of ginger instead of the 2.5oz the recipe calls for).

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