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Root Beer! Batch 2

Two weekends ago, after I finished bottling or drinking the first batch, I made a second batch. This time from a root beer extract syrup. The recipes on the bottle of extract a) don't agree with each other rather dramatically, and b) are for a 10gallon batch anyway, so some modifications and scaling were in order. I settled on:

4tsp Root beer extract
3c table sugar (just the boring white stuff)
.5tsp Vanilla extract
2qt boiling water
2qt(ish) ice
2qt(ish) water

As usual, make sure the water and ice come from a good source.

The usual procedure applies: Boil water, add extract, sugar and vanilla, mix well. Let boil for a couple minutes (no ingredients to steep). Add ice to cool down. Ladel mixture into Tap-a-draft and fill the rest of the way with remaining water. Put tap on, insert cartridges, stow in fridge. After 2 to 3 days, replace the CO2 cartridges. After a total of 7 days, bottle.

This root beer is pretty sweet, and low on carbonation, even after 4 cartridges. I think I may still have a very slow leak. However, it tasted much more like rootbeer you get in the store, and therefore will have a wider appeal, I suspect. likes it, so that's a good start. I want to get a bottle to ; she didn't like my last batch because it didn't taste like what she expected it to. I've also given a couple bottles to Josh and Laura (LJ unknown) to get their opinions.

Oh! Something I didn't mention yet: I actually purchased a set of 12 "flip top" bottles, similar to these but taller, with straight sides. They're still 16oz bottles, though. Anyway. This was the first batch I bottled after carbonating. Makes it easier to store and consume a little bit at a time, and allows me to start brewing the next batch before finishing off this one. *evil grin*

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