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January 8, 2005

Greetings and salutations.

Yep. I’ve finally broken down and decided to do “that blogging thing”. I probably could have done it a lot easier by just joining LiveJournal (which I will be doing soon anyway for syndication purposes) but I really wanted to figure out stuff like CSS (which will be helpful for work). And then there is the control freak that lives in my medulla oblongata (at least in summer) who was horrified at the concept of running my personal website on a server that doesn’t live in my house. In any case, I’ve got a fledging site now and will be working on displaying my bazillion crafty projects and leaving bits of my brain laying around. Drive safely, and thank you for your support.

February 8, 2005

Movin' on up...

Soo... 2 months with a blog, 2 blog platforms. Not counting the Livejournal account that I created for reading and crossposting. After way too much frustration with blosxom, I decided to rebuild my site using MoveableType. Things have been a bit easier so far, but I'm still gonna have to monkey with installing Perl modules in my user account to get the crossposting stuff working. *sigh*

March 23, 2005

Testing LJPost plugin

Just checking to see if this will cross post to LJ.

April 29, 2005

New photo gallery!

To celebrate the fact that I just got a new toy (PalmOne Zire 72) which has a built-in camera, I've started a new photo gallery for some of the random things that I take pictures of. Kinda like a moblog, just not on a phone (I'm actually hoping to find a phone *without* a camera). Anyway, the gallery can be found

I've also updated some stuff and rearranged things a bit in the gallery as a whole. As I wade through the bazillions of photos on my computer, more will be added. I've also got the annoying constraint of having to make sure all the files are under 2MB or else they don't upload properly. Bleah.

I give!!!

Until having to look at my main site ( on a CRT for the first time, I didn't agree that the colors were pretty difficult. I did all of the work on the color scheme on the laptop and I have an LCD at work so I didn't realize how hard it was to see the links and such. I'll be changing that rsn.

I only noticed today because the laptop has been commandeered for a week for the Wildflower Triathlon communications folks. I'm really missing the ability to use the computer from the couch. My desk setup just isn't that comfy.

July 21, 2005

Makeover time!

Not that most folks actually read my blog posts from my actual website... But I've revamped things at It should be significantly more readable (for those who complained of ocular hemmorage due to my last color scheme :) Hmmm. I should probably configure my photo gallery to match. But that may be for another night!

February 25, 2007

Blog Move

I have lots to post but have been putting it off until I can get this blog moved over to our system-wide installation of MovableType. I think I have the new blog configured to my liking and all my content (except this post) has been moved. I'm now just waiting on Mark to get me access to the LJ crossposting plug-in. Since he's down with the flu right now, I'm not sure when that will happen. In the meantime, I'll probably start drafting posts to be published later. Or maybe I'll just post them here and export the new ones...

June 13, 2007

Nothing to see here...

Just testing my blog move. Ya know the one I started working on in *February*. Scary is that I only had 10 new posts since I moved the intital set over. 10 posts in 4 months.

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