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Maker Faire 2009

On Saturday we went to Maker Faire at the San Mateo Expo Center (aka fairground). We got there really early to be able to park on-site in case of a toddler meltdown and our spot in line was right next to this:

Zoe wants a new Wagon

We were also interviewed by a camera crew who said they were from a show called "Extreme Conventions" on the Travel channel. It will be interesting to see if we're actually on the show!

Right inside the big building full of kid stuff & craft demos we ran into my BFF.

Favorite. Robot. Ever.

Shortly after we found a table sponsored by Crayola. They had all kinds of cool art supplies but Zoe was only interested in one thing.

Yes, mama, I have scissors

While she was busy cutting her paper, I kinneared Cookie A after she arrived for her sock knitting demo. Then I learned how to needlefelt!

Kinneared Cookie A @ Maker Faire

I was still stabbing away at my fledgling needle felted flower when Cookie started her sock knitting demo but when I finished I took a pic at the demo, where I stood in the back and tried to look like a friendly face rather than a scary stalker or someone who was completely baffled by a demo that only had 30mins to teach knitting a sock. I felt rather silly for hanging around afterward without having a copy of her book to get signed (I did want to look at her sample socks more closely). The funny part was that we both had the feeling that we had met somewhere before.

Cookie A's Sock Demo

While I was at the Craft area, Mark & Zoe went to a different section. Can you guess which one? Here's a hint:

Lego City

After getting lunch and squeezing through the Baazar Bizarre (where I picked up a couple lovely skeins of Wool Candy sock yarn) we went to the Main Stage and settled in to wait for Adam Savage's talk. We were in the back row in case Zoe went ballistic (it was way past nap time).

Adam Savage's talk

I had a good time but man it is exhausting to wrangle a toddler in those kind of crowds. I had to a two day ticket and decided that I wasn't going back Sunday so we gave it to Mark's sis who took her boys. I'm sure we'll be headed back next year.

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I seem to say this to you a lot lately: JEALOUS. I don't envy you the crowds or the toddler-wrangling, but man, it looks like a fabulous time!

I can't wait to hear more at Sundays.

Hi! I was spinning at Maker Faire. I got my husband to wrangle the kids for the whole weekend - I think he had the harder job! My youngest is a couple months from her third birthday and we're in Mountain View. I'm doing the Tour de Fleece as well.

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