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Oh Hai

I'm going to attempt to get a plugin that will repeat my Twitter updates here since that tends to be what I update the most. I'd like to start posting more of my knitting photos here if I can drag myself away from Ravelry long enough. I have been knitting tons and have no shortage of projects in the queue. An addiction to sock yarn can do that to a person. :)

IMG_0492.JPGDestash Sale2008 YarnPirate BootyIMG_1605

Baroness Von Wigglestein is in perpetual motion, as usual. She just hit 26 months and is doing new stuff every day. Her verbal skills are still exploding which is awesome because she can tell me what she needs a little easier every day. She has learned to respect the ocean so we have made several trips to the beach before winter finally settled in (now that it is freakin' February) and I can sometimes even sit down! Woohoo! Now that the weather is cold, windy and wet things have been kinda challenging. One day we cleaned the garage, a few times we ran outside between rain clouds, and today we put on our rain gear and ran errands. It was great that we needed cat litter because Petsmart was a fun place for a kid that loves animals. We walked a circuit from the fish to the cats to the rodents to the birds several times before checking out and heading to Costco.


The garden is green. Very green. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll need to remove another whole lawn from the front yard once the rains finish up. Seeds blew in and, much to my dismay, have taken over. Additionally, I now have a new planter bed to fill with soil so we can plant more veggies this year. Right now I have green onions and peas to harvest and some blueberries that are slowly trying to mature after blossoming during our January heat.

Now I have to get back to my knitting. :)

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Girl! And I thought I had a bad sock yarn habit!
Gorgeous stash though.
I'm destashing some of my sock yarn into leggings/ tights for the baby -eek! she'll be 1 in April, but finding clothes for her is tough since most kids places don't feature cute designs for butterball turkeys on 2 legs. Needless to say, I'm knitting as fast as I can!
Your cutie is getting SO big. So sweet too. Enjoy!


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