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Things Our Couch Ate

After not being able to find the mega remote that controls our entertainment system we pulled up the couch and found it has velcro panels on the back. Upon opening these panels we found the following:

- the DVD player remote that has been lost for months
- Mark's wedding ring
- Mark's iPod Nano
- a length of parachute line
- a padlock
- two crochet hooks
- a fingernail clipper
- two cat turds (likely dingleberries)
- several receipts
- a business card for iFixIt
- 3 linked baby toy rings
- a sock
- 3 hair rubber bands
- a knitting row counter
- a paperclip
- the gauge swatch for Zoe's sweater
- 2 blocks
- a syringe for dispensing baby Motrin
- lots of dustbunnies

The mega remote was also inside the couch, still being digested.

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Other things you will likely find if you dig deep enough:

* Amelia Erhardt

* crew of Marie Celeste

* my work shoes from 1997

* disembodied hand in a container

* sonic screwdriver

* shrill redhead from Chiswick (contract permitting)


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