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You've Been... Thunderstruck!!

(I bet you have it in your head now too, eh? ;)

In an uncharacteristic turn of events, we have been having quite the spectacular electrical storm this evening. It started around 7:30pm with the lightning visible all over the place to the west and has just started moving off to the north (where I expect it to hit a power station and take down my work DB server any minute now...). The light show in the earlier evening was fantastic. I just barely heard the first rumblings of thunder around 10pm when I was going to bed. Alas, they became louder and more frequent as the storm approached.

This is only the second time in the six years my dogs have been alive that they've been through a thunderstorm and the last time was during daylight hours. Luna was pretty much unaffected but Kira spent most of the time from 10pm to 1:30am pacing the bedroom and whining. I pretty much gave up on sleeping, as the baby kept jumping around either from the thunderclaps or the rumbling of my hungry tummy and every time there was a flash of lightning my brain started counting.

I finally got out of bed around 1:30am, apparently just as the storm was leaving our vicinity. I took an inventory of the pets (not that I could get more than a couple feet away from the dogs, or at least from Kiraboo) since earlier Squeak tried to go outside and I wanted to make sure both cats were in the house. I plugged the wireless access point back in behind the TV (power had been flickering a bit), booted up the laptop, and ate an apple and cheese while checking out the radar image.

Things seem to have settled down now. Socrates is snoozing to my left and the dogs are both asleep on their beds at my feet. Sounds like it is time to head back to bed...

EDIT: Damn. Either the neighbors next door are tossing boxes off their balcony or the thunder has started back up a bit. No, really, I didn't need to sleep before going to work... Nice way to start Friday the 13th. Now where did I put that hockey mask?

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