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Celebrating 6 Years With Omlettes, Otters, & Sausage Fingers

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and the 9th anniversary of our official "start of dating". It always feels like forever and just yesterday at the same time.

In honor of the occasion, we decided to spend a night in Monterey and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Our first weekend away together back in 1997 was a trip to the aquarium for my birthday. I think we've only been there once more since then and in the meantime an entire wing of the building was completed.

Saturday we were in Glen Ellen where Mark was the officiant for the wedding of the person who performed our ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was a very nice brunch after which we drove down through Sonoma Valley, across the Golden Gate, and down 280 where we met up with sis & bro-in-law for a late lunch at a gyro place in downtown Mountain View. Afterward we hung with the fam for a bit and then headed down to Monterey.

We stayed in the cheaper hotel part of town and were rather vexed trying to get to the aquarium this morning as it appeared all the streets we needed to use were blocked off. It turned out today was a half marathon in Monterey and we had to get back to Hwy 1 and take Hwy 68 into Pacific Grove to get to the vicinity of the aquarium. Even after all that we circled the same block about 3 times trying to find a parking lot that wasn't blocked by road closures. Finally when we did find a lot, it turned out to be right next to First Awakenings, the place we were planning to have breakfast!

This morning I had my first omlette in *years*. I had been turned off by cheese with my eggs after getting a veggie scramble that had so much cheese in it I felt ill afterward. Today I had the "Bacado" omlette. It was bacon & avocado topped with jack cheese & sour cream with salsa on the side. Very yummy. It came with potatoes and english muffins. Mmmmm... They're also well known for their pancakes which are *huge* and come in varieties like Bluegerm (blueberry wheat germ), Bananagerm, and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. Next time...

After breakfast we still had about 45 minutes to kill before the aquarium opened for members (our friend Kathleen rocks and lent us her guest cards so we not only got in free, but also 30 minutes before the general public; thanks again Kathleen!!) so we strolled down to Cannery Row alongside the half marathon runners and toodled outside the aquarium for a while. Once inside our first stop was the Outer Bay exhibit to see the Great White shark. Damn those tuna were huge! Alas, the jellyfish exhibit was closed so we headed over to see the otters.

For a few weeks now, the outer part of my upper left thigh has been falling asleep when I stand for too long so once it was apparent that it was futile to try to squeeze in to see the otter feeding, I sat on a bench for a bit. On the walk over to the otters, I'd noticed that my wedding ring was feeling kinda tight so I took it off and put it in my wallet for safe keeping. While sitting on the bench I noticed that my fingers were warm, red, and swelling up like sausages. That kinda freaked me out because swelling (especially rapid swelling) is sometimes a symptom of preeclampsia. We went over to the info desk and they called one of the first aid staff over. He took us to the first aid room where I asked them to take my blood pressure. It was 130/90 which is rather high for me (my last prenatal visit had it at 110/70) but it was also a rather small cuff and I was stressing out over the sudden swelling.

I went ahead and decided to sit for a while to see if it would go away on its own. We took up a spot on a bench outside in the shade in hopes of me cooling down and promised to head straight back to first aid it didn't subside. Thankfully, it did go away and did not return for the rest of the day. I spent a lot of time sitting on benches and visiting the ladies room but I did get to see pretty much all the exhibits that really interested me and Mark got to see pretty much everything he want to see while I was taking breaks on the benches. I'm really looking forward to the new otter exhibit opening next spring, as the otters really are my favorites (with the penguins a close 2nd).

After lunching briefly in the aquarium cafeteria, we set off for home. I slept for most of the ride. All in all, it was a good weekend and a nice anniversary. It was also the last trip we're planning to take out of the county before the baby comes.

Tomorrow I'm gonna give the midwives a call to tell them about what happened with the swollen hands and see if they want me to do anything right away. In any case, my next regularly scheduled appointment is on Tuesday so any further investigation may just wait until then. I'll definitely be posting an update afterward.

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