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Ahhh... conked out dogs.

After 2 bouts with Maggie submissively peeing on my carpet, we put her in the crate last night to keep the knuckleheads away from her. This morning I locked the dogs out back and Maggie was taken out front to potty (I love having a fenced front yard).

There was a nice break in the rain so I took the 3 girls out back and let them do their sorting ritual. Once Luna and Kira were doing nothing but looking up as if to ask "Can we go inside now?", I figured it was safe to bring them in the house.

What happened next was fantastic. Maggie and Luna started to play! Kira would get jealous and take Luna down. They rolled around like nuts for nearly half an hour. Luna engaging Maggie and Kira swooped in to get her fair share. Now they're snoozing. Yay!

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