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Losing My Balance

In mid-January, the place I had been taking yoga classes restructured somehow and my teacher left. That particular class is no longer offered and she isn't teaching anything similar elsewhere (in fact, her only regularly scheduled class is a class for seniors offered on Tuesday mornings at another local studio).

I *loved* her class. It was just the right combination of poses and breath work at the right speed. I left the class feeling lighter and longer and blissed out. Because the class was at a resort, I was often the person who didn't come with a friend so the teacher would be my partner if she wanted to do partner poses. She was the guide on my journey to quiet my mind and release my tension.

Since that time, I have tried two other classes and they seem to have landed on opposite ends of the spectrum. Last week, I took the yoga/pilates fusion class at my gym. The poses were too fast, the music too loud, and I felt rushed and overheated. Tonight I took a restorative class which while nice and relaxing (yay, aromatherapy), had a whopping 4 poses in an hour and a half and was almost all lying on the floor breathing.

I suppose I will just have to keep looking. In the meantime, I may try to put together a home practice if I can keep dogs and cats and the view of my cluttered house out of my way for long enough to be of benefit.


EDIT: Hmmm. Looks like they've added my original class back to the schedule at a different time with a new teacher. Since I still have 2 more classes on my card, I think I will give that a shot before looking elsewhere.

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