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Namaste, mofos!

I started off the morning doing my normal 30 minute walking route with Luna in hopes of loosening up my hamstrings a bit before my 10am yoga class. Thursday's Group Power class was pretty brutal. I think that after three weeks in a row my muscles are getting to the point where they're just strong enough to get me into trouble. :)

We ran into the neighbor whose backyard connects to ours. She was walking her little Pug and she asked if Luna could meet him since they all keep barking at each other through the fence. They were ok at first but spending way too much time nose-to-nose and Luna got a little snippy. I reeled her back and chatted a little bit with the neighbor then went on my way. When I got home I had the bright idea to try to take Kira out and find them again so Kira could meet the Pug. (If I ever get a Pug, I'm gonna have to name him "Pugsley". It is a moral imperative. Just like naming my future chocolate lab "Toblerone"--"Toby" for short.) This extra jaunt clocked my morning walk in at 45 minutes. Woot!

Yoga rocked today. I did my first un-assisted shoulderstand EVER!!! This is huge for me because the shoulderstand is one of the postures that freaks me out. All previous attempts involved using the wall as a prop but today it just kinda happened. My theory is that because I've been strength training an hour a week for the past 3 weeks, I've built up enough stability to be able to hold the shoulderstand. I didn't hold it as long as everybody else but part of that was probably that I got so excited that I lost my concentration. The class ran about 30 minutes over time so instead of 90 minutes it was 2 hours. Double woot!

The slight downer is that the instructor for this class will be leaving the resort after next week. But she will still be teaching in the local area so I left her my email address and I plan to attend next week's Full Moon Yoga (a 3 hour evening class that runs through "aqua yoga", tai chi, meditation, etc.). Since I haven't managed to get myself to one yet and since this may be the last one she teaches, I'm gonna make extra effort go.

After yoga I usually hit the local farmer's market and today was no exception. It felt fantastic to be outside in such great weather and after class I could not be grumpy that it is too warm for January. I got navel oranges, clementines, meyer lemons, tomatoes, chinese broccoli, bok choy, snap peas, and swiss chard. I devoured an orange as soon as I got home and had sauteed chinese broccoli & bok choy in garlic and soy sauce and a clementine for lunch. Farmer's market after yoga is dangerous in that I'm always hungry after class and I crave produce. So the only real danger is spending every penny on my person and buying a bunch of food that may just sit in the rotter.

Now I think I'm gonna relax for a while with Mr. Socrates and watch some SG-1.

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