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The Other Shoe

After a fantastic trip to Disneyland and a nice, mellow birthday I got kicked upside the noggin' with my first bout of flu in 10 years.

Tuesday morning started out with congestion and a sore throat. I was hoping it was my body de-smogging from the visit to OC so I went to work. Still in denial, I ignored the first chilly twinges but by the time 1pm rolled around I had cancelled all my afternoon plans and headed straight home, where I slept for 2.5hrs. Evening brought more chills and then the fever hit. My measurements topped out at 101.2F. Which for me is more like 102F, as my normal temp is about a degree low.

When I took my Wednesday morning temp, I was still at 100F. Thankfully, my honey made a trip out to the store for soup, ginger ale and a Jamba Juice (which was the only thing that quelled the pain in my throat that day). I sent an email to work telling them I might be out for the rest of the week but would try to check email during my normal hours. Which I did between naps. I was in bed until about 3:30pm, when I got up to make some soup and continue watching Lord of the Rings (my comfort movies). I drank a 1.5L bottle of water over the course of the day and I think most of it came out my nose. I've got a trash can full of tissues to show for it (or at least I did, until the damn dogs go into it).

This morning my temp was 100.1F. I decided it was time to call the doctor just in case there was a bacterial component. My head was splitting with sinus pain and my throat felt like someone was dragging a knife across it every time I swallowed. I took an Advil Cold & Sinus which dulled the pain for the most part and managed to get an appointment to see the Nurse Practitioner at 3:45pm. I stayed in bed until I got hungry around noon then napped again until 2pm when I got up to take a shower and get ready to drive to doc's office. Of course, my temp was 98.8F when the medical assistant took it. *sigh* When the NP finally came in, she looked in my ears, nose, and throat and decided to give me antibiotics since we were going into the weekend. So now I have 5 doses of Azithromycin to keep any bacterial beasties at bay. I just finished off The Return of the King. I'm probably gonna stay up a little longer then shove off for bed. Tomorrow will be another day at home with maybe more work, maybe not. So far, I've been doing only minimal email responding tho tomorrow I do have to turn in payroll for Data Entry. Yeehaw. Thank $deity for Remote Desktop.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that today I got my new toy. :) A shiny, black 60GB iPod (now with video! Sweet Jeezus!). I picked it up from my office on the way to fill my prescription at Costco. Alas, I'm still feeling too crappy to play with it for now. But I have opened the box and looked at it lovingly. :)

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