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Ceramics photos

I’ve moved my old ceramics photo gallery over to this server now. Most of that work was done in 2002-2003. I haven’t really kept up on taking pics of the more recent stuff.

I am currently on hiatus from further ceramic endeavors due to a serious addiction to knitting. This combined with a 100+% increase in the cost of courses at the local community college (not to mention the cost of gas for the 30 mile roundtrip) and the departmental decision to move the Thursday evening potter’s wheel classes to Thursday mornings has led me to stop taking classes for a while. Even with the increased costs, it is still definitely cheaper than studio space but for something I’m feeling kinda ho-hum about, it is just more time and money than I’m willing to part with right now. I should probably check out the used electric kiln market. I already have a very nice potter’s wheel (nearly brand-new Brent CXC) and lots of clay, I just don’t have any way to fire work at this point. Alas, I’m not sure even a kiln of my very own would cure my clay blahs right now.

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