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January 8, 2005

Greetings and salutations.

Yep. I’ve finally broken down and decided to do “that blogging thing”. I probably could have done it a lot easier by just joining LiveJournal (which I will be doing soon anyway for syndication purposes) but I really wanted to figure out stuff like CSS (which will be helpful for work). And then there is the control freak that lives in my medulla oblongata (at least in summer) who was horrified at the concept of running my personal website on a server that doesn’t live in my house. In any case, I’ve got a fledging site now and will be working on displaying my bazillion crafty projects and leaving bits of my brain laying around. Drive safely, and thank you for your support.

January 14, 2005

The Snorin’ Foursome

The best time of day is when all the pets are sleeping.

January 25, 2005

An introduction

I decided to start this site to have a place to keep track of my various crafty addictions instead of using something static like a scrapbook. In addition, I expect to chronicle the trials and tribulations of living and breeding in San Luis Obispo county, the 7th least affordable housing market in California, the least affordable state in the US (At least according to some national homebuilding association). I think at last check only 14% of residents could afford the median home price, sitting somewhere in the $400-500k range.
How is it that my husband and I manage to own a home here? We were in the right place, at the right time and had the cojones to sign lots of scary legal documents resulting in borrowing more money than I’d made in my lifetime up to that point. We bought our house in February 2001 for $270,000. At that time, we both had full-time tech jobs and impeccable credit, perfect for securing a mortgage. Nevermind that we’d each spend 6 months unemployed over the 2 years that followed. In any case, we have somehow managed to have a pretty comfortable life in a part of California that hasn’t been completely spoiled by traffic, smog, and overbuilding.

The “breeding” part is where things are gonna get challenging. We both feel pretty strongly that one of us should make a career of child-raising, at least during the early years. Having the biological advantage of breastfeeding and such, we have agreed that I get first dibs. Working out how to make it on one income with the added cost of a child is gonna be interesting (much like the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”), considering that more than half of our monthly income is going to housing. I’m currently working part-time but I can imagine that there will come a point where part-time is going to be too many hours in the day.

Another challenging aspect is the state of health care in this area. Technically, we’re considered “rural” so the rate of reimbursment for doctors is fairly low. Combine that with the outrageous housing costs, the influx of retirees who made a buckets of cash selling their homes in SoCal and the Bay Area, and the closing of the county hospital a couple years back and we’ve got a big mess brewin’. There are no freestanding birth centers within 100 miles. There is only one midwife that does homebirth (at least until the other one comes back from a sabbatical in 2006 — if she comes back). There are about half a dozen nurse midwives who do hospital births. Neither of the two San Luis Obispo hospitals will “allow” water birth (one has a tub for labor up to the point where the membranes rupture).

… but I digress. What you’ll see here in the future are probably more ranty things, lots of crafty stuff, and a plethora of pics and anecdotes about the daily activities of our pets.

January 26, 2005

Ceramics photos

I’ve moved my old ceramics photo gallery over to this server now. Most of that work was done in 2002-2003. I haven’t really kept up on taking pics of the more recent stuff.

I am currently on hiatus from further ceramic endeavors due to a serious addiction to knitting. This combined with a 100+% increase in the cost of courses at the local community college (not to mention the cost of gas for the 30 mile roundtrip) and the departmental decision to move the Thursday evening potter’s wheel classes to Thursday mornings has led me to stop taking classes for a while. Even with the increased costs, it is still definitely cheaper than studio space but for something I’m feeling kinda ho-hum about, it is just more time and money than I’m willing to part with right now. I should probably check out the used electric kiln market. I already have a very nice potter’s wheel (nearly brand-new Brent CXC) and lots of clay, I just don’t have any way to fire work at this point. Alas, I’m not sure even a kiln of my very own would cure my clay blahs right now.

Canine perception

I always have to smile when I’ve got something that Kira thinks is yummy that I’m pouring into a container. It never fails that when she hears it hit the bottom of the container, she looks for it on the ground. :)

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