November 11, 2014

Mic check

*tap*tap*tab* Is this thing on?

April 2, 2011

Episode 48 posted, changes coming.

As a listener, Speed, pointed out in a comment, Episode 48 has officially been posted, and the RSS feed fixed.

So, uhh. This episode is long. 2 hours and 42 minutes long. That's too long. We're trying to figure out how to deal with that. Our shows used to hover right around 90 minutes, and that's kinda ideal for this format show. But we're getting more into the music now and have more to say and, well, we sorta ramble.

_I_ personally happen to _LIKE_ listening to us ramble about music, but then again, that's probably why I'm rambling in the first place. To me, the show is less about the music itself and more about the three of us talking about the music, the history of the band and the music, the context from which it was born, and sharing our experiences and what it means to us. That's why I listen to my own podcast. So it doesn't make sense to me to shorten that just to make the show fit into an arbitrary 90 minute bucket.

So, yeah. It's not a trivial problem to solve. We're batting around a few ideas in email, the three of us. We're going to try some new things that might be a dramatic departure from what 3 Guys is now, but will hopefully keep the essence of the show.

What do you think? Please tell us in comments.

March 30, 2011

You owe me a Coke!

Ok, fine, not THAT kind of Jinx. But, we are about to sit down and record episode 48. Are you excited? I know I am. :-D

March 23, 2011

What's that? A new episode coming?

I hesitate to post this because of the number of previous posts with similar subjects that never resulted in an actual episode, but the three of us are rumbling about it again. I don't want to commit to anything of course, but don't be too surprised if you see the RSS feed updating again in a week.


March 31, 2010

Follow up to reripping CD collection: CDs FOUND!

I mentioned in this post that I couldn't find several of my 100 disk CD binders. Well, I had a brain flash just a bit ago that the last time I remember seeing them was when I lent them to a friend so he could rip some CDs of his that he can't find anymore.

On a whim, I asked him if he still had it, and lo and behold, he does. He just ran across it the other day, as a matter of fact. I believe the quote was, "YOU DO?! Oh my god, you don't realize what a relief this is." Not only do I get my music back, I'M NOT GOING CRAZY!

So, yeah. More ripping to come. :-D

March 29, 2010

Next episode planned

Yeah, we kinda missed March. Sorry 'bout that. Life happens.

But, we're all scheduled and ready to go for April. We'll have our songs picked by the 9th and will record on the 16th. I'm considering hooking up to broadcast the recording session live on something like Ustream or similar. Would anyone be interested in listening to that?

February 24, 2010

Re-ripping CD collection: UPDATED

Recently, I stumbled upon a few CDs I haven't listened to in quite some time, so I decided to rip them onto my new computer. My eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets when I noticed iTunes ripping and encoding at about 28x speed; it finished the CD in just a few minutes. So I popped in another CD, and another, then another. And so on.

At some point, I started walking around the house looking for the random stashes of CDs we had laying around, brought them all back to my computer, and kept ripping. I think I added about 30 CDs last night, and there's a lot more to go.

On the VERY bad side, I had a couple of nearly full 100x CD binders that I can not for the life of me find. It has literally been years since I've seen them. Some day I may stumble upon them and rip them too, but I'm not optimistic. :-(

On the good side, I'll have an opportunity to reconnect with a lot of music I haven't listened to in literally a decade in some cases.

On the bad side, this may slow down my adoption of new music, which is something I've been trying to get better about. Who knows. We'll see when we pick songs for the next episode.

...which we should be doing soon now! Hmm. Mayhaps I should email the guys and see when they're available. :-)

UPDATE: 10:32am (Pacific)


One of those caches of CDs I mentioned is at my office (where I am now; don't tell my boss I'm posting, ok? ;-) Lots of good stuff: Disburbed, NIN, some DefCon trance mix CDs,. I opened some jewel cases up and noticed that a bunch of the disks are missing.

I know _I_ sure as hell didn't lend the CDs out to anyone without the jewel cases. Where the hell did they go?! The class-ist in me wants to say "Those damn cleaning people!" but I have nothing to suggest that other than the fact that I trust my coworkers not to pull something as lame as this...


Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth.
Orbital - In Sides
Korn - See You On The Other Side
Disturbed - The Sickness
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists (I LOVE THIS ALBUM!)
Godsmack - Awake (which I could honestly live without.)


At least I have these CDs already ripped at work so I can just copy them. But still, this pisses me off. Anyway. I should really get to work now.

February 22, 2010

Albums you no longer listen to, you feel.

I love new music. Sometimes I feel like a shark -- I've got to keep constantly looking for what's just come out, what's coming out, what's hot, etc. But then there are those Old Favorites.
I'm not talking about the albums you revisit thinking, "Yeah, I want to hear that again..." or "I think I liked that whole album... lemme try it on again." No, I'm talking about those albums you put on and you don't actually have to listen you -- you feel them in your soul.
This morning I put on Soul Coughing's "Ruby Vroom" and the grooving bass felt like my pulse. Mike Doughty spits out lyrics and my mouth reflexively, silently, mouths all the words. It's instinct.
There aren't a lot of albums that fall into this category for me -- it's a more rarified elite even than what I call "desert island albums". No, these aren't the ones I would grab to take if I could only have a handful of music, these are the ones that are intrinsically part of me.
The aforementioned "Ruby Vroom" as well as "Irrisistible Bliss." Counting Crows "August and Ever After" and "Recovering the Satellites". Cracker's "Kerosene Hat". Neko Case's "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood". Finally, and most recently, "Bitte Orca" by Dirty Projectors. These aren't albums, they're friends.
Does this ring true for anyone out there? Do you have albums that are a part of you or am I just pathetically bizarre in this regard?

February 15, 2010

Episode 47 posted! - Mark's Birthday Show

Sorry for the delay, my folks were in town this weekend so it took me a while to get to the post production.

But, episode 47 is up and posted! Have a listen.

If you enjoy what you heard, please check out the artists. My songs this week were:

"I Ain't Worried" by Rancid
"Store Bought Bones" by The Raconteurs
"Bukowski" by Modest Mouse
"Houston" by R.E.M.

In the interest of fairness, I appended a few roast-worthy tracks of mine that Jordy and Owen didn't have access to when picking their songs. Listen to the end for a few bloopers from the show and a couple songs that, were they sung by someone who can sing, might not suck. :-)

February 12, 2010

First up for 047! Happy Birthday Smitty Show!!

Still recording -- it's been plagued with technical problems, but we're rolling towards the finish line (last four coming up). Here are my four songs for Smitty's Birthday!!
1) Starting off with Cheap Trick's cover of "Don't Be Cruel".
2) Following up with one of Smitty's obsessions: Def Leppard's classic, "Pour Some Sugar On Me".
3) Mostly for the intro (which Mark demonstrated he still plays quite well): Tesla's "Love Song".
4) Finishing off with a band that I'm happy that Smitty's getting into: Modest Mouse's "3rd Planet".